Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is 'True-Stereo Output'?
A: While most boutique effects are 'True-Bypass', standard mechanical stomp switches cannot generally provide a stereo output. TEN Effects utilize high performance relays, so your pedal produces a stereo output, without altering the signal. This is honest-to-god true-bypass switching, in stereo.

Q: Can I get a Schematic for your pedals?
A: No. If it's broken, just contact me, and I'll help you.

Q: Can I use 18V?
A: No. If you use an 18V power supply, you will kill the pedal.

Q: I think I found a cat hair in the shipping box.
A: Yeah, that would be Hercules. Luckily, he's in charge of the complaint department.
Here he is, waiting to address your concerns:
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